Comments Redirect back to same page after login in wordpress

No : How to Redirect Users after Successful Login in WordPress

No : Return to the same page after logging in to WordPress

No : Redirect back to same page after login – PHP

No : Redirect Users to WordPress Pages by Role | Plugin Feature

Yes : Comments Redirect back to same page after login in wordpress

Unless you’re using a plugin, the default WordPress redirect after login takes your logged in users to their profile in the WordPress admin dashboard, which is bad.

Using the source editing of the comments that I am going to show you today, you can direct users to the same page which one is the best.

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Implement a variety of comments in WordPress

Comments play an important role on websites today. On the sites, there are many conversations between people and criticisms and suggestions, which will improve the performance of the websites. That’s why we want to open the discussion of WordPress comments.

What will we learn in this course?

1- Personalize comments in WordPress

2- Get query types of comments in WordPress

3- Personalize comments in WordPress

4- Add custom fields to comments in WordPress

5- Implement a comment rating system in WordPress

6- Show the average rating of comments in WordPress

7- Show added fields in admin panel

8- Ability to edit added fields in the admin panel

9- Ability to edit user ratings