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  • Implement a variety of comments in WordPress


    Comments play an important role on websites today. On the sites, there are many conversations between people and criticisms and suggestions, which will improve the performance of the websites. That’s why we want to open the discussion of WordPress comments.

    WordPress is very flexible in this area and we can easily customize it. So it is definitely recommended that you leave this very interesting period behind

    What will we learn in this course?

    1- Personalize comments in WordPress

    2- Get query types of comments in WordPress

    3- Personalize comments in WordPress

    4- Add custom fields to comments in WordPress

    5- Implement a comment rating system in WordPress

    6- Show the average rating of comments in WordPress

    7- Show added fields in admin panel

    8- Ability to edit added fields in the admin panel

    9- Ability to edit user ratings

    In the comments personalization training course in WordPress, we tried to teach the content in the simplest way and with various examples, flexible and practical

    The first thing that is said is where the comments are displayed and what the file should be, and then we simply query the user comments

    Well, once we understand the nature of the comments, we move on to professionally personalizing the comments and applying the elements and styles we want. Then we add new fields in two ways. For example, with a method we will add a field called phone number and in the second method we want to implement scoring and we will learn to display them in the WordPress admin panel. Finally, we display the scoring statistics in the user comments section

    Who is this course suitable for?

    You must be familiar with WordPress programming to be able to pass this course

    be successful and victorious

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